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Integrate a Customized In-App Wallet in Under 5 Minutes

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Key Feature

A look at the core of WEPIN Workspace

You can link services and wallets in any environment and in any way.

Easy and fast integration

Using the WEPIN SDK, an in-app wallet optimized for the service can be integrated in just 5 minutes, and it supports anyone to set up and manage a wallet without blockchain development knowledge with simple coding tasks.

Wallets can be integrated in any form between widget integration and API integration
Support for JavaScript, Java, Swift, Flutter, React Native, Unity, etc.
Standardized provider and WAGMI connector library support
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Various support environments and integration methods

It supports all service environments, including web, Android OS, and iOS, in a stable and fast manner. Also, you can link a wallet in any way you like, between a widget, which is an easy method, and an API that allows you to freely configure UIUX.

workspace Power Feature 2

Data can be analyzed with user statistics

You can easily utilize the service's wallet user statistics data. Starting with MAU, you can check users' transaction data, retention, and activity patterns in a chart format. This makes it possible to establish various business strategies.

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All Features

Explore the key features of WEPIN Workspace

It provides various advanced features for enterprises, such as wallet integration and statistical analysis.


It provides an administrator dashboard for linking and operating wallets. The dashboard allows you to monitor and manage currently running apps/web services in real time.

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Development tools

It provides rich development tools to help enterprises integrate wallets into their own services. It provides SDKs, APIs, developer documentation, and more to simplify and accelerate the development process.

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Widget customization

You can freely set the widget's color, logo, layout, and language selection and integrate it harmoniously with your own app. It also provides a variety of widget styles to enhance the user experience.

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Asset filters

The wallet provides the ability to select and filter cryptocurrency assets to be displayed to users. This allows users to use only safe and reliable assets in their wallets.

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User statistics

Wallet user statistics allow you to track and analyze data within your own services. It helps improve the business by visualizing active users, on-chain data, and holder information.

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Widget customization design

Express a variety of widgets with customization

The widget provided by WEPIN supports customization features so as not to interfere with the service's unique identity.

Wallet user statistics

From business data analysis using statistics

You can analyze various statistics and token data for WEPIN users.

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Enterprise Web3 Wallet Solution, WEPIN

WEPIN supports smooth development and scaling of clients' Web3 products.

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