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Features of WEPIN Wallet

Why Web3 services need dedicated wallets

Creating user experiences that match the service identity

With a dedicated wallet, you can create a user experience that is tailored to your specific service. This is not possible with add-on wallets like MetaMask, which have a generic user interface.

Easy and quick integration into apps/webs with built-in method

Integrate a web3 wallet within your app or website in a user-friendly seamless way with our SDK and REST APIs.

No maintenance to worry about

Once connect to our API, you have nothing more to do. WEPIN team takes care of all maintenance from wallet development and maintenance to blockchain node operation and contract creation.

No more worries about key management and security

You can trust our expertise in keep your users’s digital assets safe as WEPIN teams have been focusing on Blockchain wallet since 2017.

WEPIN Wallet Introduction

Easily and quickly integrate enterprise-grade wallets into your Web3 services!

WEPIN is an enterprise wallet that can be integrated into your company's website within an hour using an in-app widget

WEPIN Workspace

Integrate a Custom In-App Wallet in 5 Minutes


The easiest way to adopt Web3

  • Easy integration with your company’s app/web within 1 hour
  • Complete customization of our white label service
  • Quick integration and support for the desired mainnet network

Build a UX tailored to Web3

  • Social login that doesn't require seed phrases or apps
  • Familiar and intuitive UX for customers
  • Easy to use even without knowledge of cryptocurrencies

Provides an all-in-one NFT tool for businesses

  • NFT minting and distribution features required for the service
  • Supports various types of NFTs for different purposes
  • Distribute NFTs via email without a wallet

Provides a convenient dashboard

  • Provides data for establishing a Web3 service strategy for your company
  • Provides blockchain information of user wallet addresses through the dashboard
  • Analyzes MAU and transaction status of wallet users
Distribute NFTs via Email Address

Want to distribute NFTs using email addresses?

Learn about NFT Hub Link

Enterprise Web3 Wallet Solution, WEPIN

WEPIN supports smooth development and scaling of clients' Web3 products.

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